2. Research
2. Research


Access to knowledge is essential to the Right to Research. Researchers and their audiences rely on fair copyright to receive and impart information and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits. Overly restrictive copyright laws impede the full participation in research. Copyright needs to be fit for research - which includes use of modern methodologies like text and data mining which require technical uses of whole works across borders. 


Studies show that most countries have outdated and inadequate exceptions and limitations to copyright for research, which limit online and physical research and collaboration, including using modern methods such as text and data mining.

Enabling Text and Data Mining Research Through Copyright Reform (2022)


Research Exceptions in Comparative Copyright Law (2022)



In order to promote legal reforms, members of the A2K Coalition have developed a Civil Society Proposed Treaty on Educational and Research Activities (TERA), which would require that all countries adopt research exceptions, including for computational analysis, that apply to uses of all protected materials by all users across borders.

Read more about TERA.

This proposal represents the views of the signatory organizations and not the views of the entire A2K Coalition.

2. Research

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